MOMS Club of Ridgecrest, CA

We are MOMS Club of Ridgecrest, CA - Moms Offering Moms Support!  We know the joys and challenges of being a mom and we are here for you!

The MOMS Club of Ridgecrest, CA is part of the International MOMS Club, a non-profit organization whose goal is to connect at-home moms for support.  Each month we create a calendar of daytime events for moms and children like park playdates, coffee meetups, seasonal parties, craft projects, breakfast potlucks, field trips, etc.  Once a month we also have a Mom's Night Out.

  • We offer a full and engaging calendar of events for you and your children
  • We provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers
  • We perform at least one service project yearly helping needy children in our community

If you are interested in joining MOMS Club or receiving more information contact us at or through Facebook at

You are also invited to come to our monthly MOMS Club Connection.  We plan and discuss the month's calendar of events while the children play.  We meet at 10:00 am on the last Wednesday of each month upstairs in the nursery at Crossroads Community Church (.  

*MOMS Club has no religious affiliation.  Crossroads Community Church is kind enough to allow us use of their rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a stay-at-home mom?
No. Our members have worked part-time, had flexible work schedules, or worked from home. If you spend time with your kids during the day, then we have a lot of activities for you to participate in.

How much are dues?
Dues are $15 and are paid yearly.
What ages are your kids?
Our kids range in age from newborn to grade school.  Kids of all ages are welcome at every event.  We know that you need support at every stage of your children's growth.

What are my obligations as a member?
There are no obligations.  You can participate in as many or as few activities as you like, and you are not obligated to host events.  All of our activities are member-hosted, however, so the more who host, the more events there are to attend!

What does the "MOMS" in MOMS Club stand for?
MOMS stands for MOMS Offering Moms Support

Sample calendar of events